Our sponsors:
Plate Farms 
Adair, IL

Tharp Brother's Underground
Oquawka, IL

MTC Communications 

West Pierce Liquors
R&K Cycles
Platinum Hair Solon
Cupi's Motor Mall
 Lamoine Ramblers  M/C


The following District 17 classes will be run at all events:

50 Shaft (ages 4-8)
50 Chain (ages 4-8)
65cc (ages 7-11)
75-125cc 4 STK air cooled (ages 7-11)
85cc (ages 7-15)
86-160cc 4 STK air cooled(ages 12 and up)
SuperSchoolboy (ages 12 and up)
250cc (ages 12 and up)
450cc (ages 14 and up)
Open Amateur (ages 14 and up)
Vet 30+ (ages 30 and up)
Senior 40+ (ages 40 and up)
Super Senior 50+ (ages 50 and up)
Vintage (ages 14 and up, pre-1984 models)
450cc Quad (ages 14 and up)
Youth Quad JR – 50-65cc 2-stroke, 50-90 4-stroke (ages 6-11)
Youth Quad SR – 60-90cc 2-stroke, 90-125 4-stroke (ages 8-15)
Open Quad (ages 14 and up)
Open Pro (AMA Pro-licensed riders only)

 50cc 4-stroke (ages 4-8)
(79cc-125cc 2-stroke, 79cc-200cc 4 stroke – air cooled only) (ages 12 and up)
76-150cc 4-stroke (Pro-AM, ages 14 and up)
Pro-AM (ages 14 and up)

 Exhibition quad 200-400cc


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